Fiberglass Electrical Enclosure Advantages

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Fiberglass is an engineered material that combines polyester resin with glass fibers. When fiberglass is molded under pressure and heat to manufacture electrical enclosures, the result is a product that outperforms its metal counterparts in many areas.

Resistant to Chemicals

For electrical installations that may be exposed to chemical splash or water hose-down, choose a fiberglass enclosure because it does not rust or corrode. This property makes it preferred for industrial applications and marine installations.

Good Insulating Properties

Fiberglass is an insulating material. Therefore, expect sensitive electronic devices to be protected from sound, cold and heat. These elements can be a threat to metal electrical enclosures or to the sensitive components contained within an enclosure.

Withstands Organic Solvents

Many industries manufacture products that include the use of organic solvents. Since fiberglass electrical boxes can withstand organic solvents, you never have to worry about replacing them due to the breakdown of materials, corrosion, or metal leaching.

Resistant to UV Sunlight

Consider a fiberglass electrical enclosure for solar energy and other outdoor applications. Because fiberglass does not degrade when exposed to direct sunlight, it is preferred over electrical boxes constructed of PVC plastics.

Excellent Electrical Properties

Unlike metal enclosures, fiberglass does not conduct electricity and possesses excellent electrical properties. Allied Moulded can upgrade your fiberglass enclosure with an additive that protects the installed components against radio waves or EMI penetration.

Tough and Durable

The process of molding fiberglass under pressure and heat makes the material able to withstand stress and impact. For fast-paced operations like the food and beverage industry, fiberglass enclosures are chosen because they can take the bumps and knocks well, they maintain their appearance better than metal.

Fiberglass Resists Corrosion

For industries that handle corrosive materials or for coastal installations that are exposed to saltwater, fiberglass enclosures have a high resistance to rust and corrosion.

Flame Retardant Material

Fiberglass material is inherently flame-retardant, so these electrical enclosures can be installed near hot works operations like welding or industrial operations where flammable materials are present.