Guru Review – How Guru Can Help Freelancers Find Jobs

Guru has you covered whether you’re searching for freelance work to supplement your income or build it into your career path. Find jobs from anywhere – your home or the office! – quickly.

SafePay is a system which secures funds until a freelancer delivers quality work.

Freelance marketplace

Freelancers can make money through Guru by finding work with both short and long-term contracts, hourly pay rates or milestone payments. Employers are required to deposit payments into an escrow account before hiring freelancers can start work; this process typically takes up to two business days; which could make earning money difficult in an emergency situation.

Freelance marketplace Guru provides many advantages to its users, including access to a large and diverse talent pool, free posting capabilities and project management tools. However, the site has earned a reputation for employing underqualified and unprofessional freelancers–an issue common on freelance job sites in general.

Guru’s user-friendly interface makes it simple and effortless to find work, manage projects, communicate with contractors and withdraw earnings using various transfer methods – including direct bank transfers and Payoneer.

Freelance jobs

Marketing Services provides freelancers with a powerful resource for finding work. It provides hourly and milestone-based contracts as well as providing protection through its Safe Pay feature, which keeps payments in escrow until work has been completed and prevents freelancers from being scammed out of money.

On its homepage, Freelancer shows a man working from home using his laptop, emphasizing the flexibility of freelance work. There are also testimonials from users. When searching for freelancers on, categories, locations, budget type as well as skillset rating and other options can be selected when searching.

However, the fee structure on the website can be confusing for newcomers. For instance, it charges a 2.9% handling fee on every invoice which may lead to disputes between buyers and freelancers.

Payment options

SafePay offers freelancers a layer of added protection when working with new clients, holding funds until the job has been delivered successfully to its recipient. It’s an excellent way to ensure you will get paid.

Guru offers various payment options, including PayPal, Payoneer prepaid card and direct bank transfer. However, be mindful if withdrawing international or currency conversion fees come into play, as these could drastically decrease how much cash ends up in your wallet.

If you are being paid in USD through Guru and want to minimise fees, opening a multi-currency borderless account with Wise may be beneficial. By creating local US bank details you’ll avoid both Guru’s flat $9 withdrawal fee as well as fees levied by banks and money transfer services; keeping more of your earnings in your wallet.

Customer service

Guru provides customers with several customer service options, including email and telephone support, Help & FAQ section answers for common user questions, as well as offering a refund policy in case any issues have arisen with their purchase.

Guru allows customer support teams to quickly and effortlessly provide answers for customers, with its platform providing quick organization of product FAQs, support processes, canned responses and tech stack tips. Plus its secure enterprise search and wiki solutions give instantaneous answers right within workflow – making scaling up customer support teams simpler than ever and creating amazing experiences! Take the free trial today to see how Guru works for you.