How to Add Some Ambiance to Your Living Space

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Are you thinking about doing some redecorating in your bedroom or living room? Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new place and there’s something missing? The perfect way to add that missing homely touch to any room is by creating some ambiance. 

When you walk into your room, you’re going to want there to be a certain atmosphere that matches your mood. There are a few ways to achieve this, from mood lamps to lighting fixtures, sometimes this is all it takes to elevate your room! 

Here are a few ideas that can help bring some much-needed ambiance to a room.

Neon Signs

A bespoke neon sign is a perfect way to bring a room together. With its stunning colors and unique design chosen by yourself, you can bring character, ambiance, and style to your room all in one. 

A neon sign can bring a lot to your room. It can be used as a light source, decoration, or even a selfie background! A neon sign has the capability of becoming a new focal point for your room; you can have a unique decoration that nobody else has. There’s also the option to customize your neon sign, to make it fit with the aesthetic of your room and personal style. 

Did you know that you can dim a neon sign? If you want a more calm feel to your room, you can easily dim your neon sign by turning the screw located on the power unit. This is great for controlling the ambiance of your room at all times. 

Pink Himalayan Salt lamp

Lamps are the perfect way to create some ambiance in your living spaces. You can easily set the mood with any sort of lamp, from funky lava lamps to a classic table lamp. If you’re after an interesting choice of lighting that creates the perfect pink hue then look no further than a pink Himalayan salt lamp.

These lamps not only look incredible, they create a lovely source of pink light that adds a warm and homely touch to a room. They can also serve as a decoration, due to the nature of the lamp. 


Another great way to create ambiance in your room is by using projectors. You can find all sorts of projectors on the market these days, the most common one is a galaxy projector. 

Galaxy projectors will project the cosmos onto your bedroom ceiling in a  variety of different colors. These projectors also come with different settings, so you can have the stars floating, flashing, or simply remaining still up above your head. With the lights off, these projectors can provide a stunning visual experience, which really sets the tone of your room.


A traditional way of lighting up a room and creating a charming ambiance is by lighting a few candles. Candles are a timeless way to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can light them in your bedroom, living room, even in your bathroom when you’re taking a bath. Candles are a classic light source, and it takes no effort at all to set up.

Another benefit to candles is that they also smell incredible. You can buy scented candles with seasonal scents to really add to the cozy ambiance of the room. There’s nothing better than a gingerbread candle on a cold winter’s day.

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