How to Avoid the “Moisture Trap” When Using BBQ covers

Moisturiser Trap
Moisturizer Trap

For the past two years, seasonal celebrations have become near obsolete. People were

locked inside their homes. Governments were banning us from meeting in public. All these

restrictions were hampering the plans of BBQ lovers who want nothing but to enjoy the

outdoors. Now, two years later, the COVID19 pandemic is partially over.

The warm weather is signaling thatcookout seasonis here. After years of social distancing, people can finally enjoy high-quality meals, charcoal-scented air, and the company of their friends. Savvy BBQ owners have been preparing and preserving their precious equipment for this moment.

They use premium-qualityBBQ covers to protect their machines from external weather-related factors like rain or snow. Leaving a BBQ uncovered for extended periods is never a good idea. The sunlight can cause its color to fade. Dust, debris, leaves, branches, and even insects may find sanctuary inside the uncovered BBQs.

The Moisture Trap

These covers also keep BBQ machines free from bird droppings, pollen, and dust. By

providing these protections, these covers help BBQs perform efficiently for longer periods.

However, there are situations where your protective covers may actually do more harm to

your machines.

If you live in highly humid, warm, and damp areas, your covers may do more harm for your

BBQs than good. Covering BBQ devices in such weather conditions can trap some moisture

particles underneath the covers. These moisture particles slowly cause corrosion and rust to

form on the metal components of the BBC.

How to Avoid the Moisture Trap

Under hot, humid, and damp conditions, your BBQ cover is guaranteed to trap some

amount of moisture. Thankfully, avoiding this “moisture trap” is not too difficult. Firstly, you

need the right cover. There are many high-quality covers in the market that come with

proper ventilation mechanisms.

They prevent moisture from staying trapped underneath the covers. Always opt for grill

covers that come with these characteristics. Your cover must also be UV-treated. PVC or

vinyl covers are always UV-treated. But, long-term exposure to the sun and surrounding

weather conditions often wear down this protection.

The best way to boost this anti-sun protection down is by spraying old covers with silicone.

Silicone sprays form new protective layers on the covers. They greatly improve the cover’s

ability to block UV rays from the sun. The sprays also help the covers become more water-


The Importance of Buying Waterproof Covers

Covers made of synthetic materials are naturally water-repellant. Whenever waterfalls on

these covers, the water particles roll off. However, water-repellant covers are still not

perfect. After years of use, they lose their ability to repel water. That’s why buying

waterproof (and not water-resistant) covers is the better choice. Waterproof covers make

sure no dust, germ, or water particles penetrate them.

Final Take

There are two simple ways for BBQ owners to avoid the “moisture trap.” First, they should

always dry their grills before covering them. Secondly, they should get waterproof covers

that prevent rust and corrosion risks. A clean and covered grill will last for several years. In

comparison, uncovered grills get corroded very quickly!