Impact of gadgets in our life

Impact of gadgets in our life-featured

Electronic gadgets and tools are crucial in today’s lightning-fast society; with the aid of science and technology, we can do almost anything. As a result, over the course of a day, we encounter a wide variety of devices without even realizing it. As a result, we are very reliant on them.

There is a wide variety of electronic devices available nowadays. They make people’s lives easier to access and more forward-thinking in this manner. In whatever city or town we visit, we may find a wide variety of high-tech devices for sale. The vast majority of them are worthwhile and helpful.

The development of new technologies has allowed for the creation and usage of several devices. From the alarm clock in the morning to the bedside lighting at night, we rely on technology. In this universe, machines are more productive than humans. As a species, we rely on other people for pretty much everything, therefore it’s safe to say that no one industry runs on human beings alone. Laptops, cellphones, microwaves, smartwatches, etc. are just some of the devices that we can’t fathom living without. There are already effective solutions to many issues faced by persons who are physically impaired thanks to the development of these technologies. In many respects, technology has changed our lives to the point that we can’t imagine getting through the day without our various electronic devices.

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Our lives have been greatly enhanced by modern conveniences. We have air conditioning and space heaters to keep us comfortable all year round. A hair straightener is among the other appliances. These devices are so commonplace that no home would be without one. Devices are quite helpful in minimizing clutter. In the past, people had to stay in one area in order to use the phone; nowadays, however, thanks to smartphones, people can move about while still maintaining their telephone conversations. We’ve always had a soft spot for entertainment devices like iPods, Mp3 players, PlayStations, and the like. Only with today’s technology are feats like this even conceivable. Family members become more connected and happier as a result of using these devices. They’re crucial now because we can go through the day without feeling lonely or bored. While gadgets and technology might be useful, being dependent on them is not without risk. As a result, you may restrict your use to prevent dependence.

As it turns out, by the time they’re in elementary school, around 70% of youngsters have mastered the usage of contemporary technology. There are several negative outcomes associated with children’s constant device use, including attention deficiencies, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, anxiety, etc.

This means that it’s imperative that we acknowledge the benefits that modern technology and tools provide. We should take care to avoid developing a dependency on them as a result. As a society, we have become more dependent on our electronic gadgets, which is not a good indication. However, the bright screen causes us discomfort, and we have no choice but to stare at it. In light of this, I have come to the following conclusion: if we utilize technology in a good manner, we are all okay; if we use it in a bad way, no surprise you are in problems.

Effects of Electronic Gadgets in Student Life

We can see that technology has become an indispensable component of our life in the modern world. It’s clear that it’s a crucial part of our regular lives. The rate at which new technologies are being created by engineers has grown dramatically. Everyone, from kids to grandmas, has a smartphone. These devices might be anything from televisions to mobile phones to computers to tablets. If we start enumerating every new piece of technology that has hit the market, the list becomes very lengthy, very quickly. Learning is only one area where technology has replaced humans. In this article, we looked at how students’ lives have changed because of the prevalence of electronic devices.

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Importance of Gadgets to Students | Why are gadgets important to students?

Usage of Electronic Devices for Learning Essay

To further your education and advance in your career, the most accessible resource is right at your fingertips: your electronic device. Use of Electronic Gadgets Is Crucial In A Number Of Ways:


It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying art or engineering; digital gadgets are crucial to your education. Digital gadgets are useful for students of all ages and in all subjects. Because of its malleability, Electronic Gadgets may be tailored to the needs of individual students.


Electronic aids speed up the learning and understanding processes. There are a lot of lectures, and then there is a lot of homework for the students to do. To do all of the mental tasks required each week would take around 70 hours. The use of technology may significantly save labour time.


Most young people nowadays who have access to cellphones are multitasking pros. A student may, for instance, tape the instructor and listen to them as they go through the material on their own time. Using public transit as a time to practice multitasking by talking to others, listening to music, or reading an audiobook is another option.

Negative Effects of Gadgets on Students | Disadvantages of Gadgets

Drastic Brain Development

The brain continues to grow even after reaching adulthood, tripling in size during the toddler years. Too much screen time has been linked to harmful effects on children’s brain development and function, including behavioural and emotional problems including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and poor impulse control. The book Smart Parenting suggests that rather than letting their kids play video games or watch television, parents should engage their kids in constructive activities like singing, reading, and having meaningful conversations with them.

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Oh no! Obesity

Children who spend more time indoors than out on playgrounds are less likely to burn off the calories they consume. About a third of American kids are overweight, which may increase their risk for diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Parents need to find ways to get their children outside more often. They need to realize that their kids will benefit physically and mentally from playing, and that this includes getting plenty of steps in and air time in. Playgrounds are great places for children to socialize and get some exercise. The Parents Zone advocates for a healthy lifestyle by encouraging parents to expose their children to greater physical exercise in the early years and to integrate technology in the later years.


Parents across the board have seen a correlation between their children’s increased aggression and the time their children spend glued to electronic devices. Among toddlers, tantrums are the most prevalent type of aggression. Adolescents with a history of video game addiction are more prone to defy their parents and other authority figures when they become older. So start now with colouring books or balls instead of screens to calm your little dynamo. Get the facts about your child’s changing behaviour from Janet Lehman and start taking care of the situation right now.