Indian Visa For Japanese & Denmark Citizens

Danish citizens can also travel to India. The Indian visa for Danish citizens can last for up to 90 days, but Danish citizens are not required to bring a paper copy. However, this is more secure. Even if you receive confirmation of your application via email, your mobile phone could get damaged or the battery might be drained. In case of a mishap, the paper copy serves as a backup. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to carry a paper copy for security purposes.

Duration of stay

A Japanese citizen may enter India for up to five years and can extend their visa validity up to 180 days by applying online. Other nationalities are limited to 90 days. Japanese citizens can obtain an India Visa Online, which they can use to enter India for business, tourism, clinical visits, and yoga. The duration of stay on an Indian visa for Danish and Japanese citizens depends on the reason for the visit. It is important to note that Danish and Japanese citizens must travel with valid passports.

A Danish citizen may apply for an electronic India visa (also known as a tourist visa). This type of visa is good for sightseeing, meeting relatives, taking a short course, or attending a yoga or meditation class. The tourist visa is valid for six months from the date of entry. Denmark citizens can make as many entries as they like, so long as they return home within the same six-month period.

Limitations of Indian tourist visa

To enter India, Japanese citizens must get an eVisa. To apply, they must have a valid passport with two blank pages for border control officials to stamp. The validity period of the visa depends on the type of visa. The e-tourist visa can be valid for 180 days. There are some restrictions, though. Japanese citizens should ensure that their passports are valid for at least six months before they travel to India.

The Indian etouristvisa can only be obtained twice a year, for both Danish and Japanese citizens. For Danish citizens, the online process is straightforward. After filling out the application form, applicants can expect a decision within three to four business days. However, the application process is not entirely free of complications. In general, the process is very quick and straightforward. Applicants can pay for their visa with any of 135 currencies.


There are several requirements for an Indian visa for Japanese or Danish citizens. First, they must possess a valid passport. They should also have at least two blank pages to enable border control officials to stamp their passport. The length of stay is dependent on the type of visa you apply for. The tourist Visa is valid for 180 days. The other categories are Business Visits, Medical Visits, and Tourist Visits.

After you have selected the visa type, you can now apply for the Indian Visa. After submitting the form, you’ll receive an e-Visa by email. This means that you won’t need to visit the Indian Embassy to submit your application. It’s easy, convenient, and secure. Once you’ve submitted the required documents, you’ll receive an e-Visa, which you can present at the airport upon entry.


Obtaining an Indian Visa for Denmark Citizens or Japanese citizens is not as difficult as it sounds. Obtaining one is as easy as filling out an application form and paying with Japanese Yen. Alternatively, you can also use any of the 135 currencies that are accepted. This makes the entire process of acquiring a Japanese visa a breeze. If you’d like to visit India, however, you’ll need to apply in advance.

To apply for an Indian Visa for Japanese Citizens must possess a valid passport with at least two blank pages so that border control authorities can stamp it. Depending on which type of visa you’re seeking, you may also need to submit additional documents or biometric information. Once you’ve completed the application form, check your email to see if there are any new updates or documents you’ll need to provide.

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