Mistakes when diagnosing the P0011 code


For a comfortable journey, the vehicle’s operation must be efficient. The car has several fault codes, including P0017 and P0011. Camshaft Position A-Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) is the error code for P0011.

What is the P0011 Code?

The P0011 code indicates that PCM of your car has detected a disparity between the actual camshaft position angle and the necessary camshaft position angle. This circumstance may arise when the camshaft timing is being advanced or retarded.

Mistakes when diagnosing the P0011 code

  1. Always visually inspect the usual issues first, including the wiring and component connections.
  2. Verify that the car has enough oil.
  3. Ensure that the car receives regular maintenance.
  4. Verify that the engine oil is full, spotless, and the appropriate viscosity.
  5. Examine, catalogue, and get rid of incorrect codes. Before the test is finished, run further tests to confirm the returned code.
  6. To avoid a false diagnosis and properly replace the component, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s exact testing instructions step-by-step without skipping any.
  7. Unless testing identifies a problem, avoid replacing sensors or other elements.
  8. Avoid using the incorrect instruments to examine the flawed components.

Symptoms of P0011 Code

  1. Check engine light: One of the primary signs of the P0011 code is the lighting of the check engine light. P0011 is one of the many possible causes for the check engine light to come on. It is linked to your car’s engine control unit (ECU). The check engine light turns on when the ECU detects any issues with your car and sends a signal to it.
  2. Hard Engine Starting: The vehicle’s engine struggles to start or doesn’t start at all
  3. Reduced Engine Performance: An engine that performs poorly.
  4. Failure of the emission test: When the P0011 issue code is present, the rate of exhaust emission may increase. Analyze the emissions. One of the frequent indicators of P0011 is a failed test.
  5. Rattling Sounds: The P0011 error code is clearly indicated by rattling sounds coming from the engine.
  6. Engine Stalling: There are a variety of causes for an engine to stall. P0011, however, may cause the engine to start stalling or hesitating.
  7. Excessive fuel use: You’ll observe low fuel efficiency. More fuel is being used by the engine than usual.
  8. An excessive amount of timing chain noise.

Causes of P0011 Code

  1. The camshaft is advanced beyond the position recommended by the ECM, according to the CMS position sensor and CSK position sensor.
  2. Loose connections or wiring
  3. PCM damage
  4. Low viscosity or inadequate engine oil
  5. A malfunctioning camshaft actuator (also known as a phaser);
  6. Low engine oil levels
  7. Bad crank sensor; inadequate oil supply to the camshaft-phasers; overextended timing belt
  8. Overheated engine
  9. Bad motor oil
  10. Inadequate mechanical oil system
  11. A malfunctioning camshaft or crankshaft reflector wheel
  12. An ill-functioning or damaged variable valve timing (VVT) actuator
  13. The crankshaft and camshaft sensors’ inconsistent signals to the ECM

How to Fix P0011 Code

  1. Scan the other accessible codes using an OBD2 scanner. Along with P0011, the majority of automobiles also have P0016, and P0009 codes. These codes make it simple to identify the core problem. Verify that the Check Engine Light is off.
  2. Examine the oil level. Your car needs to have enough oil. It needs to be clear and have enough viscosity. Replace the oil in your car if it’s past its prime.
  3. Disassemble the engine to inspect the camshaft. Observe the directions provided in the vehicle’s manual.
  4. Inspect the sensor, connector, and wiring for damage.
  5. Check the valve that controls the oil. If it is broken, fix it or get a new one.
  6. Check the oil filters. The oil supply is significantly influenced by the oil filter. It purges the contaminants and cleans the oil. Replace your oil filter if it has been damaged. Clean it properly if it is clogged.
  7. The timing chain being out of alignment might also result in the P0011 error code. Correctly realign it if it is out of alignment. Replace your car’s timing chain if it has been stretched out or is damaged.
  8. Run a new scan to see if either P0011 error code has been eliminated.
  9. If your automobile is still displaying the P0017 error number, take it to a mechanic.