More than 3 million civilians have been killed in Syria’s conflict, according to the UN

Syria's conflict

Jun 29, 2022 (FOCUSGUILDS2015)

The UN Human Rights Office issued a report after conducting a rigorous assessment and statistical analysis of available data on civilian casualties.

The United Nations said on June 28 that the first ten years of Syria’s conflict, which began in 2011, killed more than 3 million civilians, the highest official estimate of conflict-related civilian deaths in the country to date.

Syria’s conflict began with anti-government protests in various parts of the country in March 2011, demanding democratic reforms in response to Arab Spring protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and Bahrain, which ousted some Arab leaders who had been in power for decades. However, it quickly escalated into a full-fledged civil war, killing hundreds of thousands and destroying large parts of the country.

The UN Human Rights Office issued a report on Tuesday based on a “rigorous assessment and statistical analysis of available data on civilian casualties.” According to the report, 3,06,887 civilians are estimated to have been killed in Syria as a result of the conflict between March 1, 2011, and March 31, 2021. In Syria, an American strike kills a Yemeni al-Qaeda commander.

The UN figures do not include soldiers and insurgents killed in the conflict; their numbers are estimated to be in the tens of thousands. The figures also exclude people who were murdered and buried by their families without informing authorities.

“These are people who were killed as a direct result of war operations.” “This does not include the many, many more civilians who died as a result of a lack of access to healthcare, food, clean water, and other essential human rights,” said Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The UN Human Rights Council mandated the report, which cited 1,43,350 civilian deaths individually documented by various sources with detailed information, including at least their full name, date of death, and location of death. In addition, statistical estimation techniques were used to connect the dots where information was missing. Using these methods, an additional 1,63,537 civilian deaths were estimated.

“The conflict-related casualty figures in this report represent individual human beings, not abstract numbers,” Ms. Bachelet said. She went on to say that the work of civil society organisations and the UN in monitoring and documenting conflict-related deaths is critical in assisting families and communities in establishing the truth, seeking accountability, and pursuing effective remedies.

According to the report, the estimate of 3,06,887 means that 83 civilians have died violently as a result of the conflict every day for the past ten years. It drew on information from eight sources, including the Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies, the Centre for Statistics and Research-Syria, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and the Violations Documentation Centre.

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