Male Sexual Dysfunction Causes And Symptoms Ask Sexologist

sexual dysfunction

A lot of men can also go through the problem of sexual dysfunction. A man is supposed to have the problem if the man, goes through much pain during intercourse or orgasm. Also, men may have less sexual desire or response that can strain their relationship with their partner. Many men can experience this issue at some point in their lives, and it can affect you at any age of life.

And sexual response involves a lot of emotions, beliefs, experiences, and relationships. Finding the exact cause of men’s sexual dysfunction is not easy. Thus disruption in any of the above components can involve more than a single approach. So, if you want to know all about the men’s sexual dysfunction problem; its causes, and cure, then read down the blog to the end.

Symptoms of Male Sexual Dysfunction

According to the type of sexual dysfunction, a man may be experiencing, some visible symptoms. You can check down the list below and confirm if you suffer from it or not.

  1. Having low sexual desire:One of the most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men is lacking or less sexual desire.
  2. Disorder in sexual desire:If you find it difficult to get sexually aroused and have difficulty maintaining it throughout the sexual activity, you may be suffering from a disorder in sexual desire.
  3. Orgasmic Disorder:Even if you can get an orgasm, it is tough for you to maintain it for a long time during intercourse.
  4. Sexual Pain disorder-The man feels pain during vaginal contact during intercourse or sexual stimulation.

When to see a Doctor?

If you see any of the above symptoms persistent in you, you should seek asexologist in Gurgaon. Also, these above symptoms can create disputes between you and your partner; which you can get out of by taking relationship counseling. Thus, the early you seek medical help, the more accessible you can get a solution to your problem.

Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunction

There are a lot of hormones, which can create the problem of male sexual dysfunction. Some of the major problems like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases can contribute to the problem of sexual dysfunction problems in males. Some of the other causes of the male sexual dysfunction problem can be as follows-

  1. Physical-Some medical conditions like cancer, kidney failure, bladder problems, and heart diseases can lead to sexual dysfunction. While, certain medications like blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, and chemotherapy drugs can reduce the sexual desire and the body to experience orgasm.
  2. Hormonal-If you have a lower testosterone level or low libido levels, it can lead to low genital tissues and sexual responsiveness. A decrease in testosterone levels causes a reduction in blood flow of the pelvic region, which takes more time to reach the state of arousal in men.

Also, if you are not very sexually active, it may need a lot of stimulation to reach an orgasm. This can also lead to painful intercourse in men. So, all in all, sexual desire decreases with changes in hormones of men.

3.Psychological and Social-If you go through chronic stress or depression and the problem is not well treated in time. Then this can also lead to the problem of sexual dysfunction in men. Sometimes, also long-lasting conflicts with the partner can diminish the sexual responsiveness. Thus, being clear about your desires with your partner is very important to reduce the chances of getting the problem of sexual dysfunction.

Risk Factors of Sexual Dysfunction

Some of the risk factors of sexual dysfunction in women are as follows-

  1. You can go through the problem of anxiety or depression.
  2. Also, there is a lot of emotional and psychological stress in your life, as you may not have a healthy relationship with your partner.
  3. The patient may be prone to some blood vessel and heart diseases.
  4. You may take certain medications such as antidepressants, and high blood pressure medicines, which may worsen the situation.
  5. This sexual dysfunction problem can be due to a history of sexual abuse.

Diagnosis of Male Dysfunction

Your doctor may conduct one of the following to check if you suffer from the problem of sexual dysfunction.

  1. Discuss the medical history:However, you may not feel quite open to discussing your sexual problems with your doctor. Although, the more you are honest about your issues with the doctor, the better and effective treatment you will receive. To discuss all you are facing without any hesitation.
  2. Performing a physical exam:In this examination, the doctor checks the physical changes in you, leading to your sexual enjoyment. For this, the doctor may review your pubic area to see the scarring of tissues etc.
  3. Blood tests– A blood test is done to check any underlying issue that can lead to the problem of sexual dysfunction in you.

Treatment for the Problem of Sexual Dysfunction in Men

You only go through the problem of sexual dysfunction if you think you go through it as the male dysfunction problem can be due to several reasons. Thus, it is essential to share your issues with your doctor or sexologist fully. Also, be sure to share your goals of sexual concerns, as that may be useful while the doctor suggests you a treatment. However, most men who go through the problem of sexual dysfunction mainly benefit from medications and counseling.

Take Away

The myth that only women go through sexual problems is long gone. As a man also goes through these problems with time in their lives. And also, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, as it is a common illness like any other illness people go through. So, if you see any sudden changes in your sexual lives, or you do not feel as sexually involved with your partner as you used to be. Then the best is to seek medical treatment for it by going to a sexologist. However, if you are looking for one of India’s most experienced and knowledgeable sexologists, you should contact Dr Chirag Bhandari; he is also the owner and founder of IASH, India.

You can also book an online counseling session with him. So if you need any other information regarding the doctors and the hospital, check it out on “IASH India“.