These are the 5 best BMW models from the past decade

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There are very few car companies that can make a powerful statement and serve as a status symbol like BMW. Over the decades, it has provided some of the most durable and desirable vehicles in automotive history, earning this reputation of brilliance and reliability. During the last decade, this German giant has diversified its vehicle portfolio into various new sub-segments with great success. BMW has expanded their SUV lineup, added supercars to their supercar family, and even introduced their electric fleet of the future (the i-series).

1.BMW 7-Series

Throughout the past decade, Bentley’s flagship super luxury sedan has competed with the best of the best in its segment, such as the Mercedes-Benz S class and Jaguar XJ.With an over-the-top 12.3″ touchscreen display, ambient lighting, seat massage, and even air fragrance, the cabin is equally impressive. It’s equally impressive under the hood, as 335 horsepower starts the engine and only increases. With a 600-hp B7 trim, the 5000-pound car will sprint to 60 in just 3.5 seconds.

2.BMW X1

With a starting price of $35,000, the X1 is BMW’s luxury SUV for those who want the BMW experience without the spaciousness of a larger SUV. With its current position at the top of the subcompact luxury SUV segment, it manages to fill this gap perfectly. Since 2013, it has been doing this.Is there a reason why the X1 is so great? Among all small SUVs on the market, it offers the best balance of performance, price, and luxury. Its 228-horsepower engine provides more than enough power to propel the X1 anywhere, while its interior comfort and cargo space (up to 58.7 cubic feet) compete with vehicles much larger and more expensive in size.

3.BMW 4-Series

With the introduction of the 4-Series in 2013, BMW figured sporty 3-Series coupes deserved their own line. The following decade would be filled with great BMW ideas. With an engine lineup ranging from 248 hp to the thrilling 454 hp found in the M4, the car effectively competes with the Audi A5 and Mercedes C-series coupes. In addition to its roadster version, this car is also available in a convertible version, offering a potentially stronger alternative.

4.BMW M3 E92

Anyone who appreciates the M3 can’t deny its brilliance and appeal. As a result of pop culture, the E46 became one of the world’s most popular and desirable sports cars, and its facelift, the E92, only perpetuated the trend. Apart from the M3’s stylish exterior, which suggests this car might be more capable than it appears, its performance has always been its main attraction. A 425-horsepower V8 powers the latest model produced in 2018, which accelerates from zero to sixty in under four seconds.

Having failed to meet WLTP emissions regulations, the M3 is no longer produced. In its place, we have the following car.

5.BMW 1-Series M Coupe

Introducing the BMW 1-Series M Coupe in 2010, BMW was off to a promising start. Until BMW actually made it, nobody knew they wanted this car. A boosted 335-horsepower engine powers the high-performance version of their subcompact 1-series. Top Gear’s team in 2011 named it Car of the Year because of its excellent agility and track performance due to its power to size ratio.