Throwback Beauty: Recreating Iconic 90s Glitter Makeup Looks

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The 90s was a period filled with enduring as well as divisive beauty looks. There is literally something for everyone here. This does not matter what your style and affinity for glitter is. This period included layers upon layers of exciting shimmering eyeshadow, facial contouring as well as natural Earth-goddess vibes. The 90s was a time of dramatic self-expression. The glitter 90s makeup trends can transform ones look into a shimmering and exciting one which will be able to stand out and attract. When looking at the 1990s, this included iconic makeup looks.

If you are interested in recreating iconic glitter 90s makeup trends, read on to find out more:

Glittery shadows along with juicy glosses

The glitter trends can be seen when looking at TRL popstars who crystallized the amazing glitter trend. This was from head to toe and in a variety of shades. The look included a thick coat of some super shiny gloss.

You can recreate this glitter 90s makeup trends look by having eyelids in glittery sky-blue shadow along with some peachy lip gloss that gives a dreamy appearance.

Metallic trend

The 90s were popular for everything connected with metallic. This included puffer jackets and pants. Makeup included metallic trends as well. The metallic eyeshadows are popular which allow it to attract.

The sheer washes present of gold eyeshadow, purples, as well as silvers are making people interested once again. When aiming to recreate the look, you can get a sheer metallic finish upon the eye. For this you will wet your flat eyeshadow brush using water. Gently press this on the eyelid till you get the look you want.

Chunky glitter eyeshadow highlighting eyes

Glitter 90s makeup trends include over-the-top glitter. This will be on the hair, lips, as well as on the eyes. You can choose gleaming gold, shiny silver, or also a mix of colors to get a really fun impact.

Chunky glitter eyeshadow is a wonderful way that can help glam up your look. With the help of glitter you can create makeup that will stand out.

All-over shimmer feel

Another iconic look is the all-over shimmer one. Lavender lids along with pearly whites shadow that is blended till the brow bones, sky-high arches, as well as shimmery lip gloss can create an exciting look. Britney Spears the “Princess of Pop” is famous for the head-to-toe shimmer look.

Body glitter

Body glitter has been present for many years now. This is fun as well as really easy to achieve. You can get some glitter gel if you want to pull off the look. Use the fingertips to tap this anywhere you want to. You can for instance place it where you wish to put highlighter such as the high points of your collarbone along with the shoulders.

Glitter 90s makeup trends connected with body glitter are many.

Use of dramatic liner

Consider overly-lined lips as well as eyes. Dark liner, some gray-brown lipstick, power brows along with matte gray-brown shadow can help you achieve this look. You can add some glitter to the dramatic liner.

Dramatic black eyeliner was a popular product of this time. This included tight lining as well as smudging this around the eye using a heavy kohl liner. You can straighten your hair and wear a black leather choker with this look and include some glitter also.

Popular frosted eyeshadow

Frosted eyeshadow was a popular part of glitter 90s makeup trends. You can have a wash of some frosty blue pigment as well as inner corner sparkle which were popular at the MTV VMAs.

The blues was popular in the 90s when looking at makeup. This included matte pastels and metallic blue-gray as well. Nowadays you can see minimal pops of exciting bright blue shades. If you want to get a 2023-approved version of this 90s look, get some deep-gray kohl pencil that you can line your eyes with, making a slight wing. Use some shimmery mid blue that will allow you to smudge this out and also extend the wing.

Pencil-thin brows

You can get glitter 90s makeup trends with pencil-thin brows. Eyebrows were waxed and plucked at this time. Sometimes they were thinly drawn back on. This look is popular again. You can use a brow pen and create hair-like strokes to achieve this look.

With pencil-thin brows you can add some glittery eyeshadow to get the 90s glittery look.

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