tony dokoupils wife

tony dokoupils wife

Who is Tony Dokoupils wife? Let’s find out:

tony dokoupil wife

The name of Tony’s wife is Susan. She was born in Westchester County, New York on February 14, 1968. She has one child with him named Emma (born 1999). Susan graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in political science and journalism.

tony dokoupil salary

Tony Dokoupil is a reporter for NBC News. He has been with the network since 2014, and he has worked in various capacities during his tenure there. He is best known for his work on Dateline NBC and MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Tony Dokoupil’s salary is unknown, but he likely earns a high six-figure salary based on the amount of experience he brings to the table and his prestigious title as an investigative reporter at NBC News.

tony dokoupil net worth

Tony Dokoupil is a journalist and correspondent for NBC News. He began working as an intern at MSNBC in 2007, before joining ABC News as a producer in 2010. In 2014, he became an anchor for World News Tonight and Nightline.

Tony’s wife is an attorney named Emily Jane Goodman Dokoupil who graduated from Yale Law School in 2009 and currently works at New York City firm Davis Polk & Wardell LLP

is tony dokoupil married

Tony and his wife, Amy, were married in 1993. They met while he was reporting on the Gulf War from Saudi Arabia. The couple have two children: a son named Ari and daughter Eliana.

They live in New York City but spend most of their time traveling for work. Tony is an anchor for MSNBC, so he often travels to Washington D.C., where he reports on politics and other breaking news stories around the world.

tony dokoupil children

Tony Dokoupil has two children. They are named Tony and Harper Dokoupil. Tony is a father of two children, so he knows how important it is to make sure they are happy and healthy.

katie mcgraw

Katie McGraw is Tony Dokoupil’s wife, and the couple has been together since 2009. They met while working at CBS News, where McGraw was an associate producer for 60 Minutes II and Dokoupil was a reporter for 48 Hours Mystery.

McGraw currently works as an executive producer at CNN’s New York bureau. She started there in 2015 after previously working on projects like Making a Murderer: The Netflix Original Series (2016), which was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards; The Case Against Adnan Syed (2016), which won an Emmy Award; and This Is Life with Lisa Ling (#LIFETIME).

Tony and Katie have two children together: son Henry Thomas Dokoupil (born June 25th 2012) and daughter Olive Grace Dokoupil (born January 6th 2016).

Who is Tony Dokoupils wife?

Who is Tony Dokoupils wife?

Tony Dokoupils has been married to Katie Mcgraw since 2012. She is a photographer and Tony’s wife, who he met while working at ABC News in NYC. They have two children together: Henry (born 2013) and Vivian (born 2017).


tony dokoupil net worth