Top 19 Perfect outdoor kitchen ideas for family gatherings

Top 19 Perfect outdoor kitchen ideas for family gatherings
Top 19 Perfect outdoor kitchen ideas for family gatherings

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal place to spend quality time with your family. The best thing about eating outside is the amazing ambiance and the excitement of the food. As with indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens need beautiful decorations. You and your family will have a memorable experience dining together if you have beautiful kitchen designs with countertops and supporting decorations. So, you will find something to suit your taste, regardless of whether you are traditional or more adventurous.

Although it might seem impossible to create the outdoor space you desire, it is possible. With the right design inspiration, you can transform an ordinary verandah or porch into a spacious and functional space that doubles to be a kitchen.

1. Exposed bricks their beauty:

The open bricks on the cabinets as well as the floor give the kitchen a warm, rustic look. You don’t need a full-fledged kitchen to take the whole cooking experience outside. A built-in kitchen station can be installed on one side.

2. Unique kitchen with terracotta pizza oven:

This outdoor kitchen is unique because of its pizza open shape. So, the terracotta looks great with brightly colored flowers. The whole decoration also has a contemporary look thanks to the white cabinet doors.

3. Useful herb station:

You will find many herbs on the counter, which will make the food more flavorful. It’s made of recycled wood plates. The shelves look like they were made for the great outdoors.

4. Storage shelves in the cooking station:

Kitchen storage is vital. The minimalist design of this outdoor kitchen makes it look clean and neat. Many storage spaces are located under the countertops, making the kitchen appear even cleaner. The kitchen’s minimalist atmosphere is enhanced by the wooden plank floors.

5. Rustic kitchen with earthy tones:

This rustic kitchen will look great in the rich, earthy kitchen cabinets. So, the simple color scheme makes the kitchen feel lively.

6. Majestic Granite countertop:

The kitchen’s stone-to-stone design is outstanding. The layers of granite kitchen countertops add depth to the kitchen while the simple addition and use of the red umbrella give life to the whole space. So, this spot is perfect for enjoying summer.

7. Outdoor u-shaped kitchen:

The u-shape is unique as it resembles indoor kitchen styles. So, cabinets and countertops are also designed to evoke an indoor kitchen feel. But, thanks to the retracting roofing, it’s clear that this outdoor kitchen is beautiful.

8. Wood pallet – back to basic:

This kitchen is the true definition of rustic. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, just a simple wooden kitchen cabinet. Even though it is simple it provides all the important features such as a sink, and a cooking area.

9. When stone meets stainless steel:

The stone cabinet looks amazing with the stainless-steel accents and equipment. So, this makes the kitchen look like it is at the crossroads of traditional and modern styles, especially with the additions to the grill and plants.

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10. Outdoor kitchen shabby chic:

Shabby chic, the new look in outdoor kitchens, is here. Its simplicity, as well the use of distressed furniture makes it the perfect choice for the great outdoors. So, white is the predominant color, as it keeps the atmosphere tranquil and peaceful.

11. Modern touch for a patio kitchen:

This patio kitchen has a combination of marble countertops and stone cabinetry. It is modern and simple. This patio kitchen can be used indoors or outdoors because it is covered completely by the patio.

12. Stations in edgy polished wood:

The beautiful dark brown color makes it stand out thanks to the polished wood. So, this small kitchen also looks brighter thanks to the chalkboard backsplash.

13. Modern rooftop kitchen:

This rooftop kitchen has very basic furniture, just a regular wooden cabinet, and dark countertops. It’s on the rooftop facing high buildings, making it more spectacular. It will provide unique cooking experiences.

14. Cozy kitchen and fireplace:

The kitchen is extremely minimalist and has only one grill and one cabinet. But, the best part of the outdoor kitchen is its fireplace and comfortable sitting area.

15. Pretty bar beside outdoor living room:

The simple white-dominated kitchen makes it look very cozy, especially with its wide bar next to the living room.

16. Casual dining at the bar:

Despite the presence of stone, the kitchen is modern. The dining area is great to enjoy formal dining.

17. Splash of colors:

Spanish tiles don’t disappoint when it comes to adding colors to an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen and the rest of the house are making by design and color. So, the Spanish tiles stand out, even more, when the stainless grill is used and the wooden door cabinet is added.

18. Wonderful combination of wood and stones:

The kitchen’s dominant color is earthy colors stone. Although it looks very simple, the outdoor kitchen enhances the warmth of your patio.

19. Fully with accents:

This kitchen is proof that small accents can be great. The unique chairs are the focal point of the kitchen, and the beige wall is what brings it all together.


This kitchen has a beautiful combination of Granite countertops and wooden kitchens. Because of the plants that surround every corner, it is easy to see the beauty and charm in each piece. So, enjoy your summer in this spacious outdoor cooking area. As mentioned, a well-planned combination of outdoor furniture as well as kitchen appliances will enhance the value of your property while providing endless enjoyment throughout the year.

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