Top 5 Laminate Sheets to Make Your Restaurants Look Luxurious

Make Your Restaurants Look Luxurious

A restaurant is a place that not only attracts people with finger-licking good food but also with aesthetic ambience. The interior of a restaurant plays a significant role in making it appealing to the customers. When it comes to decorating any space we can not deny the increasing popularity of decorative laminate sheets. Such laminate sheets are great for transforming any space into a luxurious one. They are easy on the pocket, durable and provide your interior with an impeccable finish. Royale touche laminates have a plethora of collections to offer in terms of colour, finish, textures and designs. We are one of the sought-after brands in India when it comes to laminate sheets.

Leading restaurants have started using laminate sheets as an alternative to traditional surfacing materials like wood, ply, marbles, stones or paints. They are the preferred choice for covering walls, floors, kitchen tops, tabletops and so on. A restaurant demands a stunning interior keeping up with the particular theme in focus. Through the customization of numerous decorative laminate sheets, it is possible to create a variety of aesthetic interiors. Our laminate catalogue is filled with a large number of options to choose from.

Laminate sheets come with a much less price tag compared to other surfacing materials yet they look expensive and classy. Decorative laminate sheets come with a transparent top coat that makes them scratch-resistant. Laminates can last for years as they are wear and tear-resistant and can withstand a lot of stress. They are also easy to install and maintain. With minimum effort, you can keep them looking as good as new for a very long time.

5 laminates perfect for a restaurant decor

Laminate sheets come in a variety of colours, types, finishes and patterns. Although different types are suitable to use for different purposes.

Every restaurant goes by a theme for decorating its space. Everything starting from the flooring to the tabletops is then arranged according to that theme. It is needless to say that the interior of a casual dining space will be completely different from that of a fine dining one. Our range of laminate sheets will allow you to curate an exclusive ambience for your restaurant quite easily.

High gloss laminate

If you want to render a premium appeal with your decorations then high gloss laminate should be the preferred choice. The luxurious feel you achieve with such laminates is unparalleled. These can be used to furnish various parts of a restaurant like walls, washroom cubicles, ceilings and more.

Wood laminate

For the flooring going for something with a matte finish is ideal. Wood finish laminate is a great choice to withstand the daily wear and tear a restaurant floor has to go through. Being stain proof they are safe to use in such spaces where occasional spillage is inevitable. Wood finish laminates look elegant on the floor and go well with most types of interior themes. The resin coating laminate can resist scratch and scuffs. Being affordable such laminates are suitable for covering a larger area.

High-Pressure laminate

When it comes to commercial applications high-pressure laminate tabletops are ideal use. The rigorous daily usage of tabletops at a restaurant needs something that can sustain the stress. Besides, such laminates can handle

a considerable amount of weight. You can easily create contemporary styles by using such high laminates that will not only look stylish but also sturdy. We can customize everything starting from the textures and designs to sizes to seamlessly fit in with your restaurant style.

Textured laminate

Textured laminates are great for effortlessly adding some dimension to your restaurant space. They can be used to cover walls, floors, tabletops, beams and so on. Such laminates often mimic the appearance of natural materials like stones, gravel, silk or wood. A textured laminate that resembles stone or marble can be easily used for flooring in place of the real ones which are quite expensive. Play around with different textures to create an exquisite interior for your restaurant.

Acrylic laminate

Acrylic laminates are made of polymer fibre and can sustain under heat. They are preferably used for kitchen tops and other parts of a kitchen. Acrylic laminates have a glossy surface that makes them easy to clean. The kitchen interior is sure to gather a lot of grease and dust. Therefore, using acrylic laminates is ideal for the kitchen of restaurant.