Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Wedding Jewelry

Best Wedding Jewelry
Best Wedding Jewelry

Whether you like wearing heavy statement pieces or delicate jewelry, you cannot randomly visit a jewelry store and pick whatever you liked, especially when the jewelry is for your big day. Choosing the right jewelry is crucial as it anchors the entire bridal attire, and even the slightest mistake can ruin your D-day. Purchasing wedding jewelry is not only about going through new designs of earrings or other jewelry pieces; it is more about the planning and approach. If your wedding has been recently fixed, you would love our practical tips that are guaranteed to help you select the best wedding jewelry for yourself.

Create a List & Stick to It

The wedding jewelry market can make you feel overwhelmed with the sheer variety and options if you’re not prepared beforehand. From necklaces to bangles- every jewelry type has hundreds, if not thousands, of options available online and offline. Having a jewelry list ready will save you from getting distracted from the noise and shift your focus on the items that deserve it the most.

Create a list mentioning the jewelry items you wish to purchase along with the approximate budget for each. If you have an inclination towards new designs of diamond rings of your favorite jewelry brand or particular preferences for jewelry material, style, gemstone, or customization requests, note it all down, so you don’t forget things during shopping. This step comes after you’ve completed your research, so be sure to start working on this list at the earliest.

Purchase Your Engagement Ring First

Though every piece of wedding jewelry is special, you won’t be wearing it all every day. An engagement ring is the only jewelry piece that you can wear and flaunt wherever and whenever you go, so make sure you take time to select the best one. Look for a sparkling diamond ring if your budget allows. Else gold rings centered with precious gemstones will also do wonders. Prefer a lightweight engagement ring with a simple yet elegant design, so it beautifully compliments all your attires.

Jewelry First, Outfits Later

Many women prefer buying bridal outfits first and jewelry later, but we suggest otherwise. Jewelry requires significant investment, so you should purchase it as a standalone item and not a part of the bridal outfit. Doing so will ensure you pick jewelry items that can be worn at any event in the future. Once you’ve purchased stunning jewelry, you can look for bridal outfits that will go with the jewelry. You won’t be wearing your bridal outfit frequently once the marriage is over, but you wouldn’t want to do the same with your jewelry, considering the investment you’ve made. So take a wise call, and consider buying the jewelry first.

Start Purchasing the Jewelry At least Six Months before the Big Day

Once a wedding gets fixed, it is natural to get occupied by a long list of “To-do” items. While buying wedding jewelry wouldn’t be first on that list, make sure it isn’t the last either. The wide range of jewelry types, gemstones, styles, jewelry material, design, and more is enough to confuse you. And if you’re visiting the jewelry store at the last moment, you may end up panic buying the wrong item. Ticking this task off the to-do list earlier can save you money.