What Are the Benefits of CBD During the Holiday Season?

Holiday Season
Holiday Season

Holidays are hard. Physically, they demand a lot of legwork. There’s little time for self-care between traveling and gift-wrapping, but more importantly, the season to be merry is emotionally draining. We always end up disliking the people around us and missing those who aren’t there.

Wine can help drown the sorrow, but there’s usually not enough of it.

Besides, drinking during the holidays only increases stress and anxiety.

If you’re looking for a good enough alternative, CBD might be able to help.

Boasting tremendous physical and emotional health benefits, CBD can provide a much-needed solution for those feeling overwhelmed during the holidays. The answer comes in various options – from powders and oils to vape pens. Here’s how CBD can help you during the holidays.

CBD Helps Ward Off Anxiety

Anxiety is a stubborn party killer during the holidays, and it tends to stick around.

Based on the research done by the American Psychological Association (APA), 44% of all women and 31% of all men report increased stress around the holidays. Psychical exhaustion, gift-giving, and increased socialization are usually the most common stressors.

Even more dangerous are the emotional games we often end up playing with ourselves. Trying too hard to feel euphoric and meet other people’s expectations are apparent triggers for us trying to navigate the modern psychological landscape.

CBD can help tone this down.

CBD successfully treats PTSD symptoms, making it a decent candidate for managing holiday anxiety. Thanks to its soothing properties, it will help you unwind and calm down your spiraling mind. If you choose a CBD vape pen over other options, you can even share it with your cousins.

CBD Can Improve Your Sleep

Being so gentle, CBD is also a great alternative to prescription sleep aids.

Depending on the dose, CBD can help you achieve a state of mindful relaxation or, if need be, knock you down for a couple of hours. Whatever reason you’re using it, make sure to follow the recommended dosage guidelines. Besides, you won’t need much for a good night’s sleep.

CBD works excellent as a tranquilizer, even in small doses.

We’ll explain how CBD helps restore the body’s natural balance in a minute. For now, you should know that CBD improves the general quality of sleep by affecting the body as a whole. After a few puffs, CBD can make you feel calmer, think more clearly, and by extension – sleep better.

CBD Is a Powerful Pain Reliever

Holidays are not only hard emotionally; they are also physically exhausting. Whether you’re visiting or hosting, the amount of legwork is the same, and so is the physical toll. Around the holidays, many people suffer from painful and swollen legs, migraines, and general fatigue.

In addition to that, many of us skip exercise, drink more, and eat unhealthy food.

All that can push the body into overdrive, thus aggravating existing health conditions.

If you’re experiencing a varying amount of physical pain during the holiday season, CBD may be able to help you with that as well. After anxiety management, pain relief is the second most cited reason for using CBD. It eliminates or alleviates acute and chronic pain alike.

CBD is a powerful antioxidant that boasts anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it an effective though natural pain killer. So far, it’s helped elevate arthritis and migraine pain and provide relief for patients in treatment for cancer.

CBD Is a Natural Part of Your Body

How does CBD do all that?

Perhaps you’ve heard that CBD is one of the active compounds in marijuana. That’s true, but that doesn’t mean that CBD can make you high. There’s another ingredient in marijuana, called THC, that is solely responsible for producing the psychoactive effect of cannabis.

CBD affects the human body in a whole different way. Unlike THC, which impacts other brain receptors, CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system to produce more cannabinoids and slows their breakdown. The body has a CBD-like compound of its own but can sometimes run out of them.

Like during the holidays, for instance, when the mental and physical toll threatens to endanger the much-needed balance in your body. Being under an unusual amount of stress for an extended period (from Thanksgiving to New Year’s), the body slows down.

CBD can provide a necessary boost and help restore the natural balance.

CBD for Overall Health & Wellness

This is how CBD approaches the body holistically.

While THC disturbs the brain waves, thus making you feel high, CBD only gently substitutes the missing cannabinoids from the body. With that, order is restored in the endocannabinoid system order, and the rest of the body can continue to function without any disturbances.

A gentle lift from CBD gives it the power to keep external stressors at bay.

In practice, this means less holiday drama. Because your body doesn’t have to spend any additional energy, dealing with demanding parents and curious cousins should be easy. Likewise, your legs should feel strong enough to endure the physical toll of gift shopping.

CBD improves the body’s overall health and wellness, and not only during the holidays.

Its calming property is reason enough for people both healthy and sick to use it regularly and in many different ways. CBD vape pens are super-convenient as well.