If you’re planning to visit Sri Lanka as a solo female traveler, I’m certain that one of the first questions your parents asked you was. Are you sure that Sri Lanka is safe as a single female traveler? If your parents did not dare to ask I can guarantee that they will at some time. The short answer is that it’s safe to travel to Sri Lanka (if you use your common sense).

However, I don’t believe that this is suitable to stop you from worrying or your parents from being worried. This is the reason this article is in the picture. In this article, we ll share some tips for how to be secure within Sri Lanka as a solo female traveler.

Safety tips to be noted!

If you are planning Sri Lanka travel as a single female traveler, security is of paramount importance. Sri Lanka is generally a friendly and safe place to visit However, it’s essential to be aware of certain precautions. Begin by researching your travel destinations thoroughly, and selecting accommodations that have positive reviews from other travellers who are traveling on their own. Stay in well-lit, popular areas, particularly in the evening, and follow your intuition.

I’m sure that the information I’ve read and the scenarios could cause the opposite. Instead of getting a better understanding of how to stay secure while traveling to Sri Lanka as a solo female traveler, you are only thinking of the most dangerous scenarios that could happen. But keep in mind that such scenarios are not likely to occur. They are also unlikely to happen. Occurring at home is the same as what happens in Sri Lanka.

These tips may make you believe that you have to be vigilant all the time and never be at ease or chat with someone new. However, you’re not!

Since you’re reading about the perfect ways to protect yourself today, a lot of these tips will be easy for you, and you won’t seem like you’re in a state of alert. Of course, you’ll always keep safety in mind, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing the same at your home.

You may not even notice that you’re taking safety measures at home since you’re so familiar with it. It’s the same when traveling solo as a female traveler. No matter where you are, Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world.

Research Sri Lanka’s Culture, habits, Etiquette and Dangers

It’s a good thing you discovered this (hopefully useful) blog, which provides all you must learn concerning Sri Lanka.

One suggestion that can be useful for a female traveling on her own, particularly, is to dress in a culturally appropriate manner. Most Sri Lankans tend to be a little more conservative when it comes down to showing their skin.

In tourist areas, it is fine to dress however you want and wear a bikini, but on buses and other places that are less popular (and most importantly) in religious sites, dress in a way that protects your knees and shoulders to avoid being glared at or being noticed more than you do already as an individual tourist.

Another thing to be aware of prior to your trip for trip to Sri Lanka is that asking whether you’re married or not is common to be asked in Sri Lanka. If your answer is different, well, you might get your first marriage offer. It is possible to wear a ring in case you aren’t keen on that. I did not find Sri Lankan men very important; however, I wanted to provide you with a heads-up.

Don’t be afraid to say no if men want to take your pictures

One specific situation that I would call common but happens to female tourists often is when locals (or youngsters) approach them and ask to photograph them. This can happen on the beach while wearing a bathing suit or if your attire is “conservative” clothes.

The issue is more than just the fact that they’d like an image. It could be after you’ve accepted the request, they pose for you and they’ll wander off to other parts that aren’t needed to take a photo.