Easy Ways for Beginners to Become an Influencer on Today’s Social Media

Influencer on Today's Social Media

In the midst of the rapid development of social media and the internet as it is today, we must be familiar with the term influencer, right? Currently, the profession of being an influencer on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter is being coveted by many people. Many think influencer jobs are easy but earn fantastic.

No wonder many are looking for ways to become influencers because they are tempted by the income and the bright future for sure.

The skyrocketing profession as an influencer is indeed increasing along with the development of the internet and social media. Influencers now seem to be celebrities whose social media followers and fans are not inferior to famous celebrities.

In fact, their popularity can be said to be too difficult and short enough to become famous, so it’s no wonder many want to find a way to become an influencer.

However, is it really easy to become an influencer and what is the real understanding and various things about influencers that we have only seen through social media so far? These are the things you need to know to be a successful influencer.

Understanding Influencers

If we look at the increasing interest of someone in finding ways to become an influencer, first we must know what is an influencer that many people have been craving lately? An influencer is someone who has the power to influence other people in every decision.

Usually, an influencer has authority, knowledge, position, or because of his relationship with the public or audience. In business marketing, how to become an influencer that many people want has the understanding that influencers are those who can influence people to buy certain products.

In the world of business marketing, influencers are a very efficient promotion method. This is because each person who is considered an influencer can target a more specific market niche. How to become an influencer is also fairly easy because it’s not always artists, but also those who have roles from certain communities.

Influencers usually also come from among youtubers, bloggers, book writers, and so on who are considered to be famous people on social media because they have many followers and have an influence on the lives of many people, so it’s not surprising that many people want to find ways to become influencers.

Influencer can also be interpreted as someone who can change the way people think and act. This change can be from various aspects, such as his lifestyle, what he eats, what he wears, what he usually does, even things that are non-commercial, namely one’s ideology.

Influencer Role

The role of influencers, especially in the world of business or business promotion, is very important and high, so that many people are competing to become influencers. The following are the benefits of having influencers in the world of business promotion.

1. Endorsement Services

The role of influencers in the first business world is as a provider of endorse services. In essence, the law that applies to influencers is “the more the number of followers on their social media, the higher the fees charged for their endorsement services”. In this case, it is very common to endorse using the names of ‘big’ people, such as influencers.

Famous people or influencers are used as a place to promote a product or service of a business or a company. The support of influencers as business promotion agents influences sales with a strategy that is arguably more popular and will reach buyers or the public.

Usually, services or products that are successfully promoted through influencers in the form of endorsement services are products or services related to lifestyle, daily goods, and those that are close to the community. In this way, it is easier for the influencer’s social media followers to follow the attitudes and behaviors of their role models.

Products advertised through influencers are also usually more scalable. For example, skincare products are promoted by female influencers. Then vehicle equipment products are promoted by male influencers.

2. Engagement Rate

The influence that a second influencer exerts, apart from having a large number of followers, can also be due to their smaller number of followers. It is possible that those who have not so many followers can succeed in influencing the public to use the advertised product.

This is because the measure of the success of an influencer’s advertisement is also influenced by the engagement rate on their social media. Engagement rate is the percentage value between the number of followers and people who are actively interacting on the influencer’s social media. The higher their engagement rate, the higher the success

the endorsement.

Two activities that benefit influencers regarding endorsements and engagement rates are also not as complicated as offering advertisements to magazines, television, and so on. The procedure is not long because advertisers or owners of goods and services only need to contact the influencer via short message and then proceed with the transaction.

The system and procedures are also not complicated because the various contracts or documents submitted are not as many as inserting advertisements into television and certain programs, so it is not surprising that the wealth of influencers is not less than that of artists and many people want to find ways to become influencers. .

How to Be a Good Influencer

After understanding the meaning of influencer and how it benefits and influences, of course, for people who want to become an influencer, they will look for ways to become an influencer. If you are very interested in this world, then you must pay attention to how to become a good influencer, as explained below.

1. Define Your Charm (Personal Branding)

The way to be a good influencer is not to seek sensations that make your career short. You have to determine your charm by determining what you like. An influencer must do research by making various concepts about what content to share.

With this, the way to become an influencer will be more promising because you do things that you not only like but are consistent about doing. There is nothing wrong with looking back on experience, because the more experience you have, the more knowledge you have about it.

The experience that someone has can also be used as content and material to attract the attention and interest of followers. It is important to pay attention to personal interests in creating content so that influencer work will not only make you income but also be comfortable while working.

An influencer must also have a characteristic in order to have a strong personal branding so that it distinguishes its content from other influencer content.

2. Determine the Target Market or Target

In order to make it easier to become an influencer, you also have to determine your target market or target audience. See how your followers are and tap into your followers’ minds by defining your target market. This is important because you can choose and adjust roughly what type of endorsement is acceptable.

Because if an original influencer receives a lot of advertisements, endorses products without paying attention to the pattern of their followers, then the influence will not be massive so the engagement rate will also not be as high as if someone adjusts to market tastes by looking at the pattern of their followers.

3. Pillar Content

The way to become an influencer is not only being able to appear in front of the screen but also mastering pillar content. Pillar content is content that provides complete answers and is designed for high impact that integrates with search engines. This pillar content can be obtained from uploads or postings of the best works that represent social media

An influencer must have a concept that his followers like so they don’t get bored and you must determine the idea and content. After that, determine the niche or pillar content as a reference in a career as an influencer where you have to research how to create good content.

4. Organize and Plan Content

The way to be a good influencer is not just creating random content. An influencer must tidy up the content on his social media. For example, arranging the Instagram feed pattern, choosing the appropriate color tone so that it is uniform and eye-catching, and so on.

In this case, an influencer is required to have various abilities such as learning editing tools, such as Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and so on. Posts that are well-organized on Instagram, YouTube, and their social media platforms should also build interest in followers and also attract people to follow you.

5. Set a Consistent Content Schedule

In addition to tidying up content, in order to master how to become an influencer, you also have to determine content planning. One of them is by determining content scheduling.

By consistently uploading content, influencer credibility will be better and followers will wait for each content and not get bored with uploads that their role models often or rarely do. This is very important to note as a way to become a good and quality influencer.

For example, you consistently upload content once a week, or every few days, or every day consistently so that views and uploads grow in the eyes of followers. Adhere to the plans and rules that you make, because with this the audience or followers are more familiar with and expect uploads than getting tired of seeing unplanned uploads.

6. Interact with Audience in Comments

The point of how to become an influencer on this one is very important and makes followers or audiens are more interested and influenced. As we know, basically influencers have the main task to influence or influence followers and audiences.

Therefore, don’t forget to always interact with followers, both in the comments column and in insta stories. With two-way communication, followers or audiences will feel impressed and judge that their role model is a good person and will continue to monitor their activities and have an effect on high engagement rates due to interaction.

7. Self Upgrade

The next very important way to become an influencer is to pay attention to what is trending in the country and noticed by followers and the public, it can also pay attention to trends in foreign countries.

This is important, especially regarding the trends surrounding social media content and its development which have become public lips.

As currently being discussed, namely regarding TikTok accounts, Clubhouse, the use of Instagram Reels, and so on.

The way to be a good influencer is to follow these trends and also share them through uploads because followers or audiences will relate and your content can continue to be relevant in the eyes of the public.