How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP Work

This page answers ‘how does VoIP work’ question briefly and using diagramsThe concept of how VoIP phone works is easy to understand. You know, we all use different kind of methods to make a VoIP phone calls. Some of us use a laptop/desktop computer while others use a VoIP device such as: ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), IP phone or other type of devices/systems.

How VoIP Works… 

Once you initiate a VoIP call the following three scenarios takes place:

1. when we make a phone call – our voice signals are converted to digital packets

VoIP requirements

To make a VoIP call we need:

1. Internet 

2. VoIP software and/or a hardware 

3. VoIP service provider

1. Internet network, VoIP works with many types of Internet access, such as.. 

  • Dial-up 
  • Broadband DSL/ADSL and Cable Internet 
  • Dedicated lines (DS)
  • Wi-FI and WiMax 

2. VoIP software and/or hardware

  • a software application known as a Soft-Phone is a dialer that you download on your computer or laptop. Whenever you make computer based phone calls, you are running a VoIP soft-phone application, Skype for instance.
  • by hardware we mean any VoIP hard phone equipment such as VoIP ATA, VoIP Gateway, IP-Phone and other type. Check VoIP devices link for a list of VoIP hardware.

3. VoIP Phone Service Provider

A VoIP provider, also known as Internet phone company and ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider), is a company that provides VoIP phone services and solutions, similar to your local telecom companies. A VoIP providers uses a technology to transmit our data, voice and video packets whereas traditional companies use PSTN lines.

VoIP providers offer different kind of VoIP services; few to mention:

  • VoIP home phone service
  • VoIP for business
  • VoIP solutions such as International calls (call-shop, call-back and calling cards)
  • VoIP systems such as conferencing, IP PBX, SIP Trunking, UC (Unified Communications)
  • And many more solutions and systems

That’s briefly about how does VoIP work frequent asked question. Equipped with the above basic information it should not be difficult to understand and select the type of VoIP service that meets your needs. 

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