Protect what’s important to you with DefenseLite security glazing, the closest thing to unbreakable glass

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The uptick in social unrest around the country over the past two years has become a major problem for business owners and federal and local government involved in building ownership.

Incidents of smash-and-grab crime, forced entry and political vandalism have increased as well.

In most cases the problem is unprotected glass windows.

The greatest and most dramatic example of what can happen during a civil unrest event occurred on Jan. 6 when protestors breeched the U.S. Capitol. They entered the building through unsecured windows and doors.

The result was one of the most dramatic – and scary – scenes in recent U.S. history. One that has been watched over and over again by a shocked nation.

How to Keep Vandals and Protestors Out of Your Building

There are various ways to protect building windows. Security films are one way. If they include an attachment system, they can be both effective and reasonably priced.

However, on the first floor of buildings in cities where the potential for more extreme acts of vandalism is severe a more secure product is preferrable.

One such product is a clear retrofit polycarbonate security glass system engineered by DefenseLite to prevent forced entry. DefenseLite’s flexible and vented design is a patented security overglaze that anchors onto existing window, door and curtainwall glazing frames. The result is an invisible layer of unbreachable – and unbreakable – glass security protecting against unwanted entry.

Commercial Window Shield is an authorized dealer and installer of DefenseLite’s retrofit polycarbonate security glass system.

The benefits of DefenseLite’s security glazing system are many and go beyond glass protection. They include:

  • Stops unwanted entry through glass
  • Protects your inventory from theft
  • Protects your store from glass-related damage and unwanted attention
  • Enhances security where grills and gates are not the solution
  • Serves as an effective insulator
  • Reduces sound transfer by 50 percent
  • Protects against infrared and UV rays

How Does it Work?

DefenseLite utilizes proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, vented aluminum extrusions, multi-layer thin films, tough structural adhesives, VHB tapes and security tipped anchors to produce a security glazing system that is 250 times stronger than glass.

DefenseLite polycarbonate security panels are mounted to your existing glazing frames using a custom vented aluminum extrusion that creates space from your primary window and door glass. This process creates a security glazing system that is impenetrable to would-be intruders.

There are additional benefits to installing DefenseLite’s security panels. The heat reflective coating acts as a window heat blocker to prevent heat loss during winter months and unwanted heat gain during summer months. This retrofit security glazing system also has the added benefit of blocking out harmful UV rays and reducing distractions from outside noise.

Once you decide you’d like to have DefenseLite’s clear retrofit polycarbonate security glass system installed, it’s critical you choose the right installer. Experience and expertise are critical to proper installation. Commercial Window Shield has been one of the country’s top installers of window protection products for more than 40 years. The company is a leading installer security, solar control, smart, decorative/privacy, radio frequency [RF] and anti-bird strike window films. Commercial Window Shield is certified and well-trained in the installation of DefenseLite’s retrofit polycarbonate security glass protection system as well as its Bulletshield polycarbonate security glazing system.