Things to Know About Tea Tree Toner

Tea Tree Toner
Tea Tree Toner

Tea tree toner is a blessing to the skin. The long line of beauty products is cut too short by replacing many products with tea tree toner.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

The tea tree is famous for many purposes depending upon its use. It is an extract that has been in use for centuries to cure minor health issues. Years before when it was found to be beneficial for health, it was used to cure coughs and flu. Before using tea tree toner, one must know about tea trees.

  • Many historical research works tell us the origin and the way it became common in use to people. Its oil is extracted from a tree that is native to South Australia.
  •  Before the modification of the process, its leaves were rubbed and crushed to make a paste material and used as a medicine to cure coughs.
  • It was also known to kill bacteria and other germs because of its anti-bacterial properties. People were not so conscious about the properties back then.
  • But the modern research has told us about the anti-fungal and bacterial characteristics of teal tree oil. And how healthy and the safe way it is to cure minor seasonal issues.

Tea Tree Oil in Curing Acne

Tea tree as a treatment for acne has worked wonders. It was used to treat bacterial acne for years. Acne treatment is a famous purpose of tea tree oil. However, it is also used in other beauty products like tea tree oil toner and cleansers.

Acne is not of the same kind which is to be treated by the same medicine and care routine. It depends upon the age, skin, type, and seasonal situation to accurately know about the acne type. Tea tree oil is not used directly on the acne skin which can cause many problems in return.

Many people have complained about the redness and itching or rashes on the skin after using tea tree oil directly on the skin. It is simply mixed in a way to contain more than 95% of water and less than 5% of tea tree oil to make it more effective and less destructive.

Before using tea tree oil as an acne treatment, it should be checked on the skin if it causes any reaction or not. If skin becomes allergic, bookkeeper then this must not be applied on the skin after that. But if there is no reaction and the try went smooth then it should be applied twice or thrice in a day to get good results.

Confusion Regarding Tea Tree Oil

A study has shown that tea tree oil is as effective as 5% of Benzoyl peroxide is to treat the symptoms of acne. It must not be taken inside the mouth or ingested in any other way. It can cause severe health issues if ingested into the body. It is for topical use only.

A question arises in many people‚Äôs minds that if it is dangerous to ingest then why is its use in mouthwashes are so common? It is also used in toothpaste. Answers to this is that is good in killing bacterial particles but is of negligible quantity to harm.  It is added in a minor amount in mouthwashes and toothpaste. Killing bad odor and feelings in the mouth is what adds up to its benefits.

This oil can be mixed with other oils to make it less intense and give the required result without causing rashes or redness. It should be kept out of the reach of children as it can be very harmful if they swallow even a little of it. It can be used in many other ways if tea tree oil is intense for your skin. It can be mixed up with aloe vera to make a gel. It is easy to apply gel and gives wonderful results on the skin. This gel can work as a cure for skin issues and an aloe vera cleanser can clean the skin and make it smooth. Get the benefits of both magic products in a single gel.

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